One of the oldest and largest family-owned vineyard estates in the Yarra Valley, Coombe Farm is still owned and occupied by the descendants of Melbourne’s own Dame Nellie Melba and is the place for premium viticulture, delicious regional wines and a relaxing tasting room experience.

The Yarra Valley is one of the oldest, most recognised, highly regarded and foremost cool-climate viticultural region in Australia. The vineyards of Coombe Farm are located entirely in the sub-region of Coldstream and produce ultra-premium wine-grapes for many of Australia's leading wine producers.

Coombe Farm is part of Melbourne's heritage. The estate was established in the late 1880s by the father of Dame Nellie Melba, David Mitchell, who was also the stonemason responsible for some of Melbourne's most renowned buildings, such as the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton.

The large Coombe Farm estate includes over sixty hectares of grapevines, some planted on the site of Victoria's oldest vineyards that were established by Hubert de Castella in the mid 1850s.

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